Commercial Finance

What is commercial finance? 

Commercial finance is a wide term, in general terms it is a loan that businesses take out when they need it. There are a wide range of reasons that a business might take out a commercial finance loan, such as business expansion or to cover a short-term cash flow issue. Some businesses have plans to take their business to the next level, but lack of funds make it seem impossible, which is where a commercial finance loan comes in.

What types are there?

Invoice finance

Trade credit

Secured business loan

Asset finance.

Few options are:


Trade credit

Invoice factoring / discounting

Business credit cards




Bridging finance

Peer-to-peer lending

Equipment leasing


Business loans

Commercial mortgages

Asset finance

2nd charge loans

Secured Business Loans

Secured Business Loans depends upon loan purpose, rate, term, value of the security and possibly some kind of security over the asset. These can be flexible loans and also helps in raising finance where businesses are unable to secure unsecured finance quickly.

Overview of Secured Loans

Loans from £25,000 to £1,000,000

Adverse credit with CCJ’s, defaults, new start-ups accepted

Valuation based loans

2nd charge loans

Terms form 3 months to 25 years

Whatever the reasons for taking out a commercial finance loan, our team of experts will ensure you get the best deal for you. So give Funding Hut a call today:  020 3900 0970